The Underground Circus, A place where misfits, rejects, and freaks alike turn to for snactuary and sanity under the authority of the a tsundere woman called 'The Circus Master'.


    The Circus Master
    The Circus Master

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    Post  The Circus Master on Sun May 06, 2012 12:37 am


    Greetings Misfit, we welcome you with open arms to our glorious Ungerground Circus! We hope you will be quite comfortable here among our people. This form must be filled out and reveiwed by The Circus Master for approval. Thank you for your cooperation.

    * by recquired feilds~.

    *Full name:


    Date of birth:




    Home town/Country/World:

    *Hair colour/style:

    *Eye colour:


    General appearence/Accesories:






    Extra information and pictures:

    (There will be seperate bios for Nonplayer characters)

    The Circus Master
    The Circus Master

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    Post  The Circus Master on Thu May 17, 2012 9:32 am

    Full name: Aya Bragnski

    Nickname: The Circus Master

    Date of birth: May 5th, 1991

    *Age: 21

    *Gender: Female

    *Species: Shadowling

    Home town/Country/World: Petrozavodsk, Russia

    *Hair colour/style: Very long, Jet-black

    *Eye colour: Electric Green

    Height/Weight: Average height, slim

    General appearence/Accesories: Well musceled from combat, slightly pale skin. Usually seen wearing combat boots, military pants, a long dark coat and scarf. Her ears are triple-pierced.

    *Personality: Tsundere, Aloof, disconnected, cold,snarky.

    Siblings: None(?}

    Parents: Two assasins named Aritia and Herren.

    *Powers/abilities/skills: Can influence darkness, can turn into a shadow creature, military skills, swordplay, espionage, etc.

    Interest: Leading the Circus, reading, sparring, training, The Commander. . .

    Extra information and pictures:

    Not much is truly known about The CIrcus Master. . . You will just have to wait and see. . .

    Registration Milady10

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    Post  StarryTidbits on Thu May 17, 2012 1:34 pm

    *Full name: Zo-Zo Todoke

    Nickname: Zo

    Date of birth: September 21, 1992.

    *Age: 21

    *Gender: Female

    *Species:Time Traveler

    Home town/Country/World: Paris, France!

    *Hair colour/style: Brunette with purple streaks, and varies.

    *Eye colour: Purple and black, depends on mood.

    Height/Weight: Average height and weight.

    General appearence/Accesories: Wears classes and things with sparkles~. xD

    *Personality: Loud and obnoxious.

    Siblings: None

    Parents: Fallon and Zeke Todoke.

    *Powers/abilities/skills: Can read peoples emotions easily, awesome at being a ninja, and can knit.

    Interest: Poetry!

    Extra information and pictures: None for now.

    Ice Valentine
    Ice Valentine

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    Post  Ice Valentine on Thu May 17, 2012 4:06 pm

    ((This bio is subject to change... frequently))

    *Full name: Alice Rose Valentine

    Nickname: Ice

    Date of birth: 12/31

    *Age: 17... or at least that is how old her ID says.

    *Gender: Female

    *Species: A faelven (half faerie, half elf)

    Home town/Country/World: The World of Desrin

    *Hair colour/style: Light blue hair that is usually either down or in a ponytail.
    But her hair is known to change from its light blue to blonde, though not very

    *Eye colour: They shift from forest Green, to blue, to gray, depending on her mood or
    use of power.

    Height/weight: 5' 1 1/2", 98 lbs.

    General appearance/Accessories: Trench coats, cloaks, & capes are a favorite of hers.
    She likes to appear feminine and wears skirts, tunics, and dresses half the time.
    The other half she is in pants or sparring gear. She wears a blue stone necklace.

    *Personality: Ice is calm most of the time, even into the face of
    danger and even death. But, watch out! If you get her angry, you will regret it.
    She is stubborn and very loyal to her friends. She is also the model follower, if she
    believes in something that is. She tends to be quite gentle.

    Siblings: Unknown

    Parents: Unknown

    *Powers/abilities/skills: Unknown at the moment. Amnesia tends to make you not
    remember things, you know?

    Interests: Spying, herbalism, swordplay

    Extra information and pictures: Ice one day awoke on this unfamiliar world with amnesia.
    She doesn remember who she is or where she's from. All she knows is from the little
    ID card she found on her. She tends to be quite clumsy and ends up in the infirmary often.

    AGREEMENT TO OBEY THE CIRCUS MASTER?: [Yes] (At least she thinks so)
    Registration Blue-hair-anime-girl-standing-in-water_m
    In the Spring^^^
    Registration Anime-11
    In the Fall/Autumn^^^

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    Post  Shadowstep21 on Thu May 17, 2012 4:52 pm

    *Full name: Shadow Iridesence Step

    Nickname:Shadowstep (prefers)

    Date of birth: October 31, 1994

    *Age: 17

    *Gender: Female

    *Species: Shadow-Walker

    Home town/Country/World: Italy

    *Hair colour/style:Green, short and spiked in the back

    *Eye colour:. . .is that in insult? Black. . .

    Height/Weight: 6 feet tall.../umm...maybe 120?

    General appearence/Accesories: Vest/Skirt combo matches hair...Boots,googles,gloves and my handy Vial...

    *Personality: Nice most of the time, rude when insult and sarcastic 100% of the time~!

    Siblings: My Little Brother, Cresent Eclipse Del-rain

    Parents:The Shadow King. . .and an Italian ~starts mummbleing~

    *Powers/abilities/skills:SKilled Mechanic and Alchemist.

    Interest: Metal...Herbs, roots, things to do with my abilities...

    Extra information and pictures: Shadow-Walker's don't really have an "image" Our skin, eyes, and basically entire body is completely black, except our hair, if we are talking our mouth usally turns light gray or white

    Registration Vocaloid___alchemist_of_green_by_dj_mewmew-d2xxlm7


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    Post  certifiedjesusfreak on Fri May 18, 2012 10:22 pm

    Full name: Unknown (Names are you really think she'll give her name out willy-nilly?)
    Nickname: Kesis
    Date of birth: December 13th
    Age: Unknown, but she looks about 18 in her ususal state.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Shape-shifter/Sorceress.
    Home town/Country/World: Originally from the land of Faerie tales, but she was transported to be saved from a witch burning.
    Hair colour/style: Preferred - White
    Eye colour: Preferred - Ice blue
    Height/Weight: Usually 5' 7"/117 lbs.
    General appearence/Accesories: In her preferred state, she is lanky and thin as a rake. When found by the Circus Master, she wore the dress of a sinner. She had a strange necklace and wrappings on her arms. Upon further inspection, small runes - almost like tattoos - were found there. She now wears a short, white long sleeved tunic with gold trimmings and black pants with riding boots and her necklace. Her hair falls to about the middle of her back and is kept up with a gold headband.
    Personality: Quiet, harsh, doesn't trust people easily. Very withdrawn. Paranoid.
    Siblings: None
    Parents: Morgana Le Fey and Sir Accolon
    Powers/abilities/skills: Shape-shifting: She is very skilled at it. She can imitate almost anyone, even someone she just saw a picture of. She has to guess about personality, though. She is not a Doppelganger.
    Since her mother was a sorceress, and a very powerful one, she also knows a little bit of magic.
    Interests: Magic, mythology, Rumpelstiltskin.
    Extra information and pictures: Kesis isn't seen much around the compound.
    Or maybe she's just impersonating someone else...

    Registration Kesis12

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    Post  BSuperNova on Sat May 19, 2012 11:06 pm

    *Full name: Katana Dawn Arcana

    Nickname: Dawn

    Date of birth: January 27th

    *Age: 16 (Nymph years)

    *Gender: Female

    *Species: Nymph/elf

    Home town/Country/World: N/A at the time

    *Hair colour/style: Light blonde (almost glowing aura), long, slightly wavy, windblown

    *Eye colour: Blue gray

    Height/Weight: 5' 7", 120

    General appearence/Accesories: Almost always wears s hooded cloak or Shrug (most often the shrug shrug is linked) , wears leather dresses(link on word dresses), tunics, leggings, browns and blue are the colors of her clothing most often. Her ears aren't super pointed like her Elven father's, but they take more after her mothers shorter, yet pointed ears.

    *Personality: Shy, quite, wise, peaceful, calm; she doesn't always understand the way people work because she has been so isolated for so long; kind of strange

    Siblings: A half sister named Tempest Arcana

    Parents: An Elven father (not much is known about him) and her mother is the queen of the Nymphs.

    *Powers/abilities/skills: Slight elemental magic, Strong water magic, hunting/survival instinct

    Interests: Singing/music, water, dancing, swimming,

    Extra information and pictures: Her mother was royal, but Dawn was shunned due to her Elven father.

    AGREEMENT TO OBEY THE CIRCUS MASTER?: [Yes](Can I even say no to this?)

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    Post  MercuryInGermany on Sun May 27, 2012 10:53 pm

    *Full name: Mercury koch

    Nickname: merc, meryy

    Date of birth: january 17

    *Age: 16

    *Gender: male

    *Species: skyling

    Home town/Country/World: germany

    *Hair colour/style: red

    *Eye colour: white

    Height/Weight: normal?

    General appearence/Accesories: plese look pictures

    *Personality: happy


    Parents: ?

    *Powers/abilities/skills: fly and wind powers

    Interest: trainning and girls and fun

    Extra information and pictures:
    i am german sorry for bad english

    Registration ?c=mog&w=301&h=301&im=%2Fbig.136134541

    AGREEMENT TO OBEY THE CIRCUS MASTER?: ja ja ja ja ja ja ja!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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    Post  Audryi-Kei on Wed May 30, 2012 10:49 am

    *Full name: Audryi Karai Kei

    Nickname: The innocent one

    Date of birth: March 14th

    *Age: 17

    *Gender: Female

    *Species: A ninja

    Home town/Country/World: Home town: Japan

    *Hair colour/style: Long silky blue hair that goes down to her ankles

    *Eye colour: Changes from yellow, to green, to blue.

    Height/Weight: 5'7, 115 pounds

    General appearence/Accesories: Long dark denim jeans, black combat boots, orange tank top, hair in two pig tails

    *Personality: Happy, intelligent, cunning, swift



    *Powers/abilities/skills: Very skilled with a katana and bows & arrows. Can make heat from hands and use it as a weapon. Is very skilled in using Shurikens and Bo Shurikens.

    Interest: Combat, writing

    Extra information and pictures: Audryi is a refugee from her burned down village in Japan and ran away and found the Underground Circus.


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    Post  legacy on Wed May 30, 2012 11:04 am

    (May change over time)

    Full name: Legacy Cahill

    Nickname: Legacy

    Date of birth: 11-03

    Age: official age-she hasn't been born yet actual age-14

    Gender: girl

    Species: Venusian

    Home town/Country/World: Venus (It's a country. Far far away.)

    Hair colour/style: color-white style-sometimes a braid but mostly a messy MESSY pony tail

    Eye colour: gray, sometimes black- her eyes darken in battle or in any situation where it might help threaten somebody

    Height/Weight: weight-110 lbs height- 5' 4"

    General appearence/Accesories: olive green tank top, camo cargo pants, combat boots, a backpack, and two silver daggers. Oh, and her dynamite.

    Personality: quiet, mysterious, not many people know about her, dangerous, clever, silver-tongued

    Siblings: no

    Parents: no

    Powers/abilities/skills: is EXTREMEMLY flexible, can run WAY faster than a normal dude, extremely strong, higher senses

    Interest: running, fighting,

    Extra information and pictures: Legacy (when on the streets) uses the name "Jane Doe." hehe.
    Registration Hawkeye

    Agreement to obey the Circus Master~yes but no promises in the future

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    Post  Guest on Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:22 am

    Full name: Häschen Wolf

    Nickname: Bunny

    Date of birth: March 13, 1996

    *Age: 16

    *Gender: Female

    *Species: Dragon-Anthro

    Home town/Country/World: Rhein, Germany

    *Hair colour/style: Medium length black hair with silver highlights, flared

    *Eye colour: Black/Silver eyes

    Height/Weight: Average height and weight

    General appearance/Accessories: Black skinny jeans, combat boots, off-shoulder black top with flares. Dark makeup, black nails, fangs.

    *Personality: Seductive, lovable, sweet.

    Siblings: None

    Parents: Unknown

    *Powers/abilities/skills: Transform into dragon, fly, influence over dark fire, can tolerate poison well.

    Interest: Boys, dragon-flute, weapons.

    Extra information and pictures: Has German accent and can speak German . . . Because she is German.

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    Post  lycan on Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:30 pm

    full name: alexander 'alex/xander/al' silvermane

    nickname: spirit, animal, and apache

    birith: ???

    age: recorded to be 21

    gender: male

    species: spirit walker

    home: ???

    hair/apperance/eyes/height/weight/: ngiht wolf from mk9 but red hair and silver eyes

    personality: cool, calm, collected, dosen't talk much, and also does that weird dog thing when he scraches his head and shakes his foot

    siblings: ???

    parents: ???

    powers: take on the form or spirit of any animal along with properties multiplied by 100, also can talk to animals, can generate indian weapons out of thin air, and can go to the next world, to move around fast turns into a ball of energy

    intrests: indian culture, animals, and (cause I'm a guy) girls

    extra: (couldn't find out how to put picture just google nightwolf mk9) also has pet wolf with mostly black with red markings name beu pronounced like bow

    Registration Mk_legacy_nightwolf-Mortal-Kombat-game-character-fan-art-by_esau13

    agreement: have to agree she's my cousion

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